Raga -Miyan ki Malhar

After the deep cold and the subsequent deep freeze we have rain today but it is not the usual rain .It is a grain rain basically frozen rain drops. It is yet again different from the hailstone which we also have in Kerala sometimes we call “alipazham.
I am listening to the music of the rain as most of us like to do but this one sounds like sand pellets on tin foil, not like the acceding and descending crescendo of the downpour back home…
what is the music of the rain or the other way around how to relate to a song befitting a rainy day.?
While I like songs just as anyone else ,I have mostly been content with the melody and lyrics and had not cared much about ragas until I had some occasion to check on some which I trust is worth sharing here..
As everyone paid tribute at the passing of Vani Jayaram I couldn’t help thinking about one of her most famous songs Bole re papihara from the movie Guddi .It is also one of my favorite which Shirley sings beautifully as well.
In the movie Jayabadhuri sings it while literally getting wet in the rain. Did it pass your mind that it very well fits the rain mood. ?
Hm.. I learned that it is not accidental but that the music composers know a stuff or two. The raga in which that song is composed is Mian malhar to give the romantic feel of the monsoon. I read that there is even
a folklore about Tansen in the court of Akbar the Mughal empire bringing down a rain fall by having someone sing a Malhar.
So basically if you see a song pictured in the rains context it would likely be some version of a Malhar.
So no surprise then that in the MT- bharathan movie Vishali with the premise of the movie a mahayagam to bring down the rain to a draught country , the award winning song by KS Chitra and composed by Bombay Ravi is a Mian Malhar..
Indupushpam choodi nilkum rathri…
One of my favourite . Also
Inneniku pottu kuthan…
Anyone for Mian Malhar?

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