Yours Sportily

One sports minister in India is alluded to have said that the people were going to be happy that in the coming months we have the Olympics in the TV, World cup Football (Soccer) and the Cricket world cup all lined up and they will all forget their daily miseries (poverty, pollution and water scarcity). Which is actually true.

Coming to sport events with so many out there, the ones that is manipulated to our minds as foremost, apart from the very major events in most cases, are the ones that is hyped in the media. In my case if Malayala Manorama featured the cup winners cup then it is a big event or else I wouldn’t even know. After all Chelsea and Manchester united are daily staple news on BBC pages to a point that you lose your focus except for the ardent fans who live on it.

There are no bigger fans for Maradona, Ronaldo and Messy anywhere in the word other than my country where there are some willing to give their lives even , literally so at times as there are die hard fans who has committed suicide on occasions when Messi missing a penalty.

But that privilege is only when he plays for Argentina and not when he plays for Barcelona at a vital juncture at the UEFA Champions League. I will blame it on Manorama.

And what is this phenomenon of this gut wrenching feeling for Federer who is not even my distant cousin if he loses in the Semi final of a grand slam to Djokovic. Why do I conclude (if I do that) that Federer is a nicer guy than Nadal without ever having gone out together for a lunch with them?

Well in any case sports enthralls, and I will leave aside the psyche. We all know that we need these spots to feel good about ourselves.

And then the Indian cricket and the IPL mega gala where you can purchase just about any Australian players with some freshly printed Indian currency, which is coming a long way from a time, not so long ago, that they couldn’t get the Australians to change the Kookaburra ball that didn’t suit them.