At the end of the day, you must find a way to live through the labyrinth of life: after all, it is unquestionably the survival of the fittest and while we are all equal at that, some are more equal than others…

For most of us it is the routine, 9 to 5 and hand to mouth and such, and the evolution of our ongoing adaptations, cutting corners of course, well aware that too much of indulgence in the latter might turn your square of life into a circle (of life)

Perhaps you have by now accustomed to the art of living with the chaos…and to a point of great indulgence even. I am game here.

Let’s us explore, take a dive, headfirst into matters that certainly drive your adrenaline -Science, Religion and Sports – and of course the single driving force what that steer them after all, while at the same time, ironically what is derived out of it – Money. Well, that is magical – literally and figuratively!

PS. Stay tuned for articles under review to be posted by end of May ’23.