For all the oppressions of imperialisms and colonialism which I can only be an ardent student at best there are the fringe benefits that it bought to the world in as far as man’s abilities to conquering new frontiers and charting out travel routes and we owe the early travellers and their sacrifices in their quest for bounty some acknowledgement of that.

If I have the powers to makes things happen and I endow every single being in the world to be able to travel to a few choice destinations will than then diminish the aura of the travel which at this time is the pride of the rich and privileged? No spectator to applaud if all are performers?

There can only be a handful of locations that I can potentially visit myself in person though I wish that was not the case. While we see fascinating tales in National geographic and History channels, I can’t help thinking if I could check out some myself and feel the aura of antiquity mystery or even conspiracy.

 Look at Ajanta and Ellora caves for instance. Mired in mystery and ambiguity giving way for conspiracy and alien theories. I hope to give you my account of it soon as I am scheduled to visit the remarkable locations soon. And while I am at that I will keep an eye just in case If I ever stumble upon an ever-wandering Ashwatthama the historical figure penalized to that ordeal. One might not recognise him even if he were to present himself with his hollow on the temple of the missing ornament because one is not prepared for such an unlikely event.  Are you sure he is not the Yeti that some has spotted in the Himalayas or the elusive Big- foot in the Americas. Also, the missing or the imaginary mystical river Saraswati with its invisible trail at the Triveni Sangam cannot just be a myth on account of all the accounts…