On a Lighter Vein

You could live an astute and austere life like Frederick Nietzsche, a Niche way we learned to say of intellectual living, and also end like him of course a predictable one and most unfortunate. But I am not as desperate as Nietzsche, as I am willing to cut corners unlike him and waver a bit if that is the call but put it better, I have an antidote for his ailment that finished him off. It is called Farce, like PG Wodehouse, forgive me for the excesses but he said that himself. Oh Jeeves!.

In godforsaken you will find an attempt at just that, lighten up the sunken souls a bit in the process.

Once upon a time, when ideology had the better of me I had oathed (well.. you permitted Rushdie to use that tense) a Bhishma’s vow that I would never leave my motherland (with the most incurable fallacies may be of any country).  While leaving the gods own country (Kerala) I had told myself (because there were no takers) that I am leaving to be back in some form to fulfill my pledge. A sort of foreign study undertaking. That was before life took over and I became a mere journeyman in its course, as well the Keralites -very self esteemed – are not exactly so pleased at being lectured. So here I am trying to say something without really saying anything.

Travelogues are straight forward. Travel and logs.

Ps. Stay tuned for articles under review to be posted by end of May ’23.