Of Tinsel World

I am not a movie buff. Period. On the contrary I am in wonderment the extend to which this sphere of life has influenced the masses and to the extend to which some go as far as idolising movie stars. While they are relevant and bring their own unique perspectives, there is a disproportionation about the coverage that they get in the mainstream media with respect to their daily bickering’s. Actors has the best answers to all the vital question in the world or so it appears from the way that is projected. Dropping out of school or transgressing on the way to duty for the cause of movie career aspirations are embraced as beloved tales to be lived.

We all know of someone who took that route catastrophic in some cases to which I cannot be much sympathetic though one such individual that I can relate to ,contrasting as it is, is my own father for whom I have reasons to be sympathetic but for unrelated reasons. Has that been a premise of any movies yet? I am curious.

Is it true as it may appear that the overwhelming majority of the population are in it if you follow the media or is it just be possible that the urban voice that we are hearing we are taking for granted as reality? Just my musings but I wouldn’t bother a pollster by encroaching into their area of expertise.

There however indeed is such a thing as a good movie and good acting which need not necessarily the ones the majority has spoken about.

Movie review here is my own experimental attempt to see how I can review a movie and within it an expression of appreciation for something that was deprived of it…