Language and Literature

If the world stands for a case for revival and if it needs a mantra it could come from a writer’s pen. While many authors believe that they are there to change the world and it is their mission in life, it need not necessarily be the case with all of them and most certainly is not. In reality it doesn’t work that way either!

But it is all clear that some literary work can work-up so much of heat. Some real and some fabricated.

It is also true that a good number of detractors of a literary work, with an emphasis on the street protester types, has hardly read the book in doing so and are merely tools in the hands of some autocratic manipulators. A literary work is born out of someone’s  sixth finger according to Madhavi Kutty (aka Kamala Das, Kamala Suraya) a renowned writer in Malayalam and English, who herself was not spared of that aspect of a writer- controversy- a bed mate- some unhinged, some she courted herself. But of her writing it must me said that it is unearthly, melancholic recollections of her youth, closely intertwined with nature and her ancestral roots, the folks around her childhood sensations, the ceaseless assortment of trees and shrubs and the birds and animals that chirped with her and those she conversed with in solitude. But you have to really read her works to understand her as a person and as a writer and also to learn that they are neither the persons in your imagination nor the characters in their books and out of their realm of writing often they are just ordinary people like you and me. So often so detached from their work and looking into it as any outsider….

Literary criticism can be brutal, curt and very ethereal as might have come out from the likes of the Late M Krishnan Nair a Malayalam critique, who by the way was also a window to the outside world of literature for his readers or otherwise put, there can be many Simon Covell of literature out there.

There is also a constant fight, evermore now, about the matter of freedom of speech, hate speech and hurting sentiments. Where do we draw the line?

Here I will cover some aspects that crossed my imagination, and nothing stop me from venturing into that arena. After all who is afraid of Virginia Woolf!