In between there, the existential and pragmatic as here as in life, lies literature -you’re escape and solace. Unchecked and unrestricted firmament (supposedly) bestowed upon you and bequeathed for generations…and what that rules your sorrow and ecstasy…

Music and Movie are first cousins to literature, universal merchandise dealt with in different currencies. The conventions of currencies are changing everyday, not so much so in the Indian classical music though, deeply mired in mythology, soul searching and intricacies so intrinsic, a Tapasya, and from its vast enhance, I can only serve you a drops or two, for one has to immerse in it just to even feel it..

Movie review here is just my own attempt at reconciliation of my inherent inability to appreciate movies of “mass appeal” which again the contrarian here questions if the bulk of the masses has spoken at all?

PS. Stay tuned for articles under review to be posted by end of May ’23.