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How to tame a Dragon – the middle east crisis.

Let better sense prevail!

How to tame a Dragon – the middle east crisis.

Mention and parallels can be made here to an enigmatic 2010 DreamWorks Animation movie based on a book series by Cressida Cowell, “How to train your dragon”, set on the background of the most complex conflict imaginable between human or inhuman entities- in which there is only one potential outcome – the annihilation of one side, the extermination of an entire race. A genocide.

The narrative that played out around a mythical Vikings village, the city of Berk is more likely to impact the Vikings, as they scramble to survive the constant onslaught by their nemesis – the dragons who unleash Thunderbolts from the skies, much like what is now being played out in our real-life village of Gaza or the surroundings of it, in a conflict that span as far back to the times of the Vikings.

Let us turn the pages of the history of this conflict just as the protégé in the movie turns the pages of the ultimate dragon manual and find to your indignation and horror, the realization that the issue leaves no scope whatsoever for any reconciliation. The writing is on the wall for all to see, the certain death writ large ….

Outside there are noises, scrambles, and destruction all over, ruins of the intermittent attacks scattered everywhere, everyone running for cover or take guard or a rearguard action as there is no reprieve from this perennial terror…

The dragon book states the classification of the species elaborately and venomously – the strike class, fear class and mystery class with the ferocity of each one more horrendous than the other.

Thunderdrum, produces a concussive sound and can kill a man at close range, extremely dangerous. Kill on site.

Timberjack. This gigantic creature has razor sharp wings that can slice through full grown trees,

extremely dangerous. Kill on site.

Scaildron, sprays scalding water at its victim, extremely dangerous. Kill on site.

…burns victims, buries victims, chokes its victims, turns its victims inside out, extremely dangerous… extremely dangerous.

Kill on site. Kill on site.

Now if you turn the history pages of the Israeli’s conflicts with the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the neo-Babylonian, the Hellenic, the Seleucid, the Romans, the Ottomans and add the new and recent terminologies to it, the Holocaust, Intifada, Nakba, Jihad and inspect what has played out there, you will see the same narratives. Extremely dangerous, kill on sight….No recourse.

Add to it, the prophesies, and the edicts if you will and you get the whole picture of the most atrocious human conflicts, arguably the first, the biggest and the most unrelenting that is pegging humanity back to the nativity despite all their perceived advancements in science and intellect.

Now in the matter of the Israeli – Palestine conflict, exactly as to who we depict here as the Vikings and the Dragons respectively and assign various classification of the species is not the intent of this dissertation, as well I reckon that, going in that route will be anything but counterproductive.

In the movie narrative though, for a perspective, it has a fantasy fairy tale ending where it is all-hugs. An unrealistic, unfathomable comradery and bravado achieved through the freak intervention of a small boy of such stature as having a frailty as his strength if anything, at best a contrarian introspection in play, whereupon a great realization set among both the arch-enemies that they were all but consumed and manipulated by a larger evil, a common enemy almighty, the revelation of which and the retribution that ensue resulting in the ultimate demolition of the mighty demon leading to a reversal of the roles in their lives, whereupon, the two parties not only bind into an unlikely reconciliation but also dawn on a reckoning that they are, on the contrary truly complimentary to each other and thereby created to cohabitate thus.

You witness the climax and anticlimax of earth shattering fire and destruction, a little time that passed, and the dramatic scene of the boy, recovering from a comma to discover to his initial bewilderment, the co existence and comradeships of the fellow Vikings riding the buddy dragons – now tamed and domesticated by such little acts as a tickle – that was all that was needed to reverse the emotions, the flow of a mighty river or invert the earth on its very axis. It came with just the small price of a vital limb for the protagonist.

We will leave the dragon story there, leaving the readers with the choice to watch the movie because it is a good show depending on your likes and dislikes but for now let us focus on the real issue at hand – the middle east, the Israel – Palestine conflict which however cannot be sorted out just like that. Not just with a story and a tickle.

Not certainly with a story, the old ones – the history. While history is good for a perspective, we have experienced time and again that the issue cannot be resolved in terms of the timelines and religious sensitivities especially with the latter requiring one from yielding a yard from their respective fundamental positions, the conflict of ideas and ideologies and the reluctance to tame the enemy from within us all.

I won’t attempt to name the beast here and define its attributes as they morph from time to time and its current characteristics goes by such monikers as intolerance, vengeance, rage, recklessness, and insensitivity.

Permit me to quote our well intended former President Obamas’ recent statement here:

Nobody’s hands are clean,” Obama said. “All of us are complicit.”

That’s everyone who are taking a side in this matter- we are given to understand, especially the media, both the front line and the social, adding fuel to the fire, stirring the pot, though not intentional but we need to hear more moderate voices in order that we are all not engulfed by the all-consuming flames of our own passions and perish in that very inferno.

Because no one can tell the whole truth effectively as the matter is so complex nor can anyone solve it that easily. He spoke in retrospection.

Yes, all of us are complicit and me not exempt and therefore, with us lie the responsibility to bring in a solution, i.e., if there can ever be one.

And with that and with the onus put directly on me in that manner, which I understand it clearly as an issue that no one can resolve – not any American presidents, nor the United Nations, the Arab league, the European Union, a matter that everyone has thrown in the towel, we realize more and more, that any talk of a peace processes these days is a sheer notion and a mere masquerade.

A new two-state solution play book with all hands-on deck.

The two-state proposal so far.

With material taken from the BBC timeline on Palestine as well as IMEU, Institute
for middle East understanding – sources that can be relied to an extend I trust,
below representation is the land of the mother of all conflicts that was
proposed to be resolved as envisaged but remains elusive with no constructive
alternatives whatsoever on the table.

The UN resolution of 1947 if implemented would have had a different outlook to the whole issue today, but for the stalemate it got into with respect to the matter of the State of Palestine, brought on by certain land allocation indignation as well as the general opposition of some of the Arab nations at that period of time who couldn’t stomach even the concept of Israel as a nation.

So, the proposal went into a Limbo and several mutilated altercations after and the subsequent Arab Israel conflicts, as it stands today, the geography and geopolitics has changed to a point that the large majority Palestinians has ended up being just an occupied people, an indefensible paradox, in an ever-shrinking territory, what with the still on-going Israeli encroachments.

We still resolve that the most consensus will be the UN resolutions, around which it is, that any renegotiations and progresses if at all were made, be it the Camp David, or the Oslo accord or the Abraham records, all of which categorically reveals to us that the main sticking point and the bone of contention is about the topography of the area that has irreversibly changed by now. Therefore, we need to begin there – a real estate reset – an acrobatic statute perhaps, about which I would like to make a proposal here, which at best can be a wishful thinking or worst can be seen as an idiosyncratic utterance bordering insanity.

But with all what is going on around the Dead Sea and the Black Sea, is there anything that one can promenade as any even distantly appearing as sanity in this world? I must ask.

Do we have the moral right to lament and react as though in shock at the occurrence of a natural calamity as a humble earthquake, when we are quite capable and are apt at creating something that is more apocalyptic.?

Having thrown the conventions in the wind and coming together to grandiloquently combat the Covid pandemic that killed scores, we have regrouped so admirably at the blink of an eye into various combat positions, killing our own folks for a dime a dozen, in what can best be construed as the real state of our own sanity today, I surmise.

On the same note we have had the very impressive global initiative for open access to Covid Research data, as well as the climate change pacts, where the world come together out of norms, positive and a glimmer of hope that we can restore our optimism that goodwill can Prevail at the end. On that reassuring tone, let us inspect the below impossibilities.

A new two-state solution play book with all hands-on deck.

So today if some countries that matters come together to the table bringing along the right sort of spirits, albeit conventions, and take up the hardest part of it by its horns, and tackle this foremost hurdle, this land issue part, solving which will be the first major piece to go in place in this long ardent jigsaw puzzle, notwithstanding various other issues that are there that some cannot see eye to eye.

Abandoning all metaphors, the lifeline of this plan is based on a premise that, a one of a kind “land and border” realignment can be drafted out between several counties especially the neighbouring counties in this dispute, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, which in itself will be a solution once for all for any lingering disputes like the Golan heights.

This rearrangement arising out of such a collective consensus and cooperation from the parties and countries involved will bring in, what can be the game changer, the necessary land and vital space, literally and figuratively, to begin the process of a lasting and viable solution to the Israel – Palestine cause. The establishment of a Palestine state.

This will therefor be, by being able to find considerable chunks of consensus lands or territories that are contingent to the present Israel, the West bank and Gaza territories which would perhaps put, parts of the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan heights, back in play again.

Once whatever lands has thus been apportioned and granted that the Palestine side have a satisfactory area to play with, further consensus should be reached on what rearrangements can be done in the current Israeli occupied territories around Gaza and West bank in fine tuning this. On the Israeli side however, this would not necessitate a strict return to the pre 1947 situation, a deal breaker otherwise and which should be a great consolation to the Israeli counterparts.

Now this proposal of the rearrangement of the border (with full consensus) of all the above said countries involved that are bordering the Israel Palestine area, does not stop with them:

For instance, for the territories that Lebanon has to yield if at all, Syria should be willing to offset some of that between their respective county borders and for Syria in turn, Turkey and Iraq should offset some. Iran for Iraq.

Likewise Saudi Arabia will chip in to offset some territory for Jordan, while Libya and Sudan offsets some for Egypt and in this manner, the adjacent countries will adjust a bit wherever necessary, with the margin of adjustments constantly diminishing to a point that an equilibrium is reached.

This is analogous to how ordinary people make rudimentary adjustments for simple matters on a day-to-day basis in life.

Consider a movie theatre, our favourite turf today by the way, in which lets us say the reservation and seating are not fully enforced. And there shows up a family of 4 who finds themselves with 3 seats in the middle of the row. Don’t bother whose fault it is but what happens in a typical scenario in a civilized society is that the incumbents or occupants, some family themselves and some single, will remove themselves one seat over, to the left or right or both, setting up a chain motion of everyone in the row adjusting in a way, eventually some empty seats will plug it. In some cases, movements to the next aisle or row would be necessary as well and they are all swiftly accomplished with some pleasantries and displeasures duly and momentarily exchanged. But the deal gets done, mostly.

And that is all part of life. People make those simple gestures every day in “planes, trains and automobiles.” By the way, make it a point to watch that movie too, a Steve Martin entertainer which, while not directly related to the topic, some observations can come handy.

So basically, with the border line redrawn and relationships reinforced a Palestine state can be established so that we can swiftly get to the other issues plaguing the world today if you will, like the Ukraine -Russia, lest it is snowballing, a threat which is looming large by the day.

Succeeding in such endeavours means that we are ushering in a new world order of peace, hitherto heard only on the Miss American pageantry.

Questions and answers.

1.      What is this atrocious looking idea of redrawing the country borders and acquiring more land for this damning Palestine Israel cause.?

Well, it is done with consensus and the international community will fittingly negotiate what a given Nation would like to swap for compensation. Consider it as purchasing land from them for a monetary value as well as, any other factors that they would be willing to accept in return for this deal.

For instance, the case of Jordan a potential player in this play. What would they possibly settle for; Monetary aid, Military, health care and IT development, Infrastructure building like transportation with Bullet trains? on top of an assured long-term peace in the region!

Remember the Trillion-dollar cash deal that the US negotiated in freezing the Iran nuclear plans? Also, how Russia was able to sell Alaska to the USA for exchange of money. So, it is not impossible to envision such deals.

Also bear in mind, like it or not, country borders have been drawn and redrawn many times in the history by decree of God, men, or both.

2.     Who pays and where is the money for all this coming from.

Mine is currently a hypothetical suggestion however with a purpose this can be explored.

For now, just consider the cost of the war both human and other. The humungous cost of destruction and rebuilding, the loss of the human productivity. The uncountable budget allocated by countries to stockpile weapons that is eventually used for mass destruction. And also weapons of mass destruction.

The peace secured in this way, if it helps Israel, that alone will go a long way for them to reallocate the budget that can be spent to pay for such peace deals. Major players here like the USA and Briton can now allocate funds for a case that do not raise an eyebrow.

3.     Is it not a novice idea that the defence budget of any country will come down under any circumstances.

Well, I am familiar with the concept of nukes for peace. There can be arguments on both sides. But peace treaties do not hurt and offers more intermissions, and we can only try as best as we can.

4.     What about the people who are currently living in those areas under the shadow of this new exchange proposal.

We are giving those individuals a once in a lifetime opportunity to become part of a historic peace process and setting up a future course in the bargain that is a benefit to the mankind.

However, this should never aggregate to another episode of land grab. They must be adequately compensated in more than on of the following ways.

a. Appropriate monetary compensation for their properties and businesses.

b. The flexibility to move to a choice destination within their respective countries.

c.      Stay and be part of the new country depending on their historic orientations, in which case the idea of providing them positions in civic administration and public roles can also be contemplated.

d.      Options and assistance to move to other countries which accepts immigration.

5.     Are there areas that has been identified that can realistically be exchanged?

 No. This suggestion is derived from sheer hope and optimism. I wouldn’t and shouldn’t attempt drawing lines on country maps and it requires much of expertise and tools.

However extra ordinary times requires extra ordinary measures.

Coming to the application and logistics I wonder if not here, where else can we utilize the application of big data and AI to its optimum potentials to a humanitarian cause?

6. What if the areas found available are desert and uninhabitable lands?

For all the backwardness of progress in human relationship we are living in an era of scientific excellence. If we are preparing to inhabit Mars and are transforming its surface for happy living, it is a fraction of that effort to make the Arabian deserts to bloom, I guess. We also know from what we observed in Dubai and elsewhere how to reclaim land from the sea and perhaps the Gaza Strip should probe this a bit as well.

Israelis has also mastered a lot of technology of their own in irrigation and farming in dry lands. Consider that, in other times and in between wars, Israeli and Palestinians are co operating in daily life and exchanges and we hope to see a far-reaching cooperation progressing and bitterness diminishing in these conflicted lands with their proper identities recognized and reestablished.

By the way If celestials like Elon Musk get involved then you only hear about these projects at its realization stage and in no time!

7.     Are you crazy when suggesting that Iran and Iraq with their bitter rivalries, exchange land between them to resolve issues of an Israeli state that they both detest.?

In this new world initiative, everybody is on board. There are no good and bad states, no allies and axis of evil (terminologies that should never have been employed) but one in which the entire humanity come together to resolve this issue, once for all. The rest of the world watching this also deserve to have a life focussing on the beautiful things that life offers, without a certain guilt.

The relationships and attitudes of the Arab nations towards Israel and the two-state approach has considerably changed in the recent times. Besides, despite the current hostilities there were times in the very recent past when countries like Iran having had close relationship with Israel including military pacts.

8.     What has changed in the Arab Israeli relationships?

We will indulge in a bit of historical perspective to answer this. The Arab nation’s view, if I can summarize here for a simple understanding is that while they agree in theory that the people who call them selves Israelis are historically people from that region, scattered as diaspora to various countries they disagree with the fact that when they return, they are not returning as a nomadic Israeli tribe but as allies of the western world, Europe and America.

In short, the Arabs wants the Israelis to merge among the Arabs and merge in that culture. They see any other Israel as something like a Cuban missile crisis where America despised having any representation of the Russian entity in their back yard.

That initial reservation may not have changed much but over a period they have come to accept the reality that no matter what now the Israelis are there to stay. They have resorted to the fact that UN cannot rein in on Israeli appropriation of lands and the US and the allies have aligned to protect their right to exist, in their choice orientation, especially with the history of multiple expulsions and historical assaults that has befallen on them.

Most of the outside world are perhaps also doing some sort of atonement for various acts in history where the Israelis have been tormented in exile as also at home, with the perpetuators not being just their Arabian counterparts but a lot of other foreign entities as well.

In truth, there is also some power play involved, and it is a reasonable conclusion that no one can get to have Israel retract and return all those territories to the pre 1947 territorial lines even though they have shown some concession in giving some part of it back.

So, what has changed here in this landscape can only be assessed from the past and ongoing reconciliation undertakings that were orchestrated or facilitated by Egypt and Jordan, Iran and Turkey and the recent and factual interactions of the Saudi Arabian and UAE intent to make their respective peace deals.

9. What is the urgent and immediate step?

That must be an immediate cease fire for which sadly there appear no realistic hope and if it is to come it has to come with the release of the hostages. Everyone parades the phrase of innocent lives of civilians including mothers and children. But the truth is that the humanity is numb with the innocent lives killed almost to a point of genocide on several instances if you check the history and compassion is taking a second seat to someone’s desperation for survival measures.

10.  How do we deal with the rhetoric and position of eliminating Israel and that threat?

With the prospect of a Palestine state becoming a reality and the people liberated from the occupation that presently it is for all practical purposes, that rhetoric will subside a bit though it may linger on for reasons beyond human intervention.

One would hope that with the identity of Palestine and self determination established and over a period time, entities like Hamas would tone down in their rhetoric to become mutually workable entities in the lines of PLO.

11.  Is the two-state solution the best way out?

To put it in the real perspective the UN peace talks are our only lingering hope and the speck of optimism left even as they are mired in innumerable deadlocks.

Let us use history here for those sort of helpful outlooks, in acknowledging that both the people have a right to exist in that geographical area and, in our conscience, as two nations and hence the two-state solution.

12.  Is similar two state option the best way around for other conflicts around the world.?

All conflicts in the world must be considered on their respective background issues and all of them cannot be resolved with this same equation. We have arrived at this conclusion here on the heels of a two-state resolution already arrived at by the United Nations, which is the logical authority, (for all its lack of authority), in these matters which I trust is not contested.

13.  How do we address the other conflicts pegging the humanity down currently.

All conflicts are of significance in seeking a resolution and it can only be done one at a time or as part of resolving the others. Let’s begin with the Israel Palestine because it is the oldest smocking gun and perhaps the first and for now the most precariously placed one to spread regionally and globally.

14.  Would we be seen as giving some credence to terrorist means in setting out to resolve this issue and getting even a larger pie for Palestine in this deal?

The definition of freedom struggle vs military action is so complex that it is not my intent to define that today. However, as to if a violent revolt is needed to get a people achieve their rights is a question for the world to ponder about, which I hope is not to be the case assuming that we find better and proactive means rather than reactive measures.

One would hope that people find more cordial ways to co exist. That is what we mean by the terminology “the new world order.”

15.  Is it not a huge underestimation that the land issue is the core issue here.

While the land is not “the” factor it is “a” factor. That is the only corporeal or physical entity that is tangible that we can try and tackle, which intrinsically is from where all the rest of it, the metaphysical and materialistic, presumably originate from.


The first casualty of the war is truth they say.

Peace process is also not peaceful as far too many have paid a price, including Nobel peace laureates that have perished in that pursuit. The times that we live in, leaves us with no assurance that any place is safe enough to assure anyone that there is no likelihood of someone not getting into the lines of crossfire which is so commonplace.

While there are many intricacies in these intricate myths and beliefs driving the carnage, we are all students learning to understand the issue and most amatures’ takes’, like mine are assessed as too simplistic like a Manichean philosophy.

So, we can settle down and continue to be indifferent to it as one choice which is the custom, leaving the case with the same hands, which has run the course so far – fate.

Or else refuse and awaken to the need of a collective thinking, where we take the reign in our hands and dictate our terms for a change that will make our leaders calling the cards to make a paradigm shift in their thinking. Afterall, it is all in our minds. Today is the day we make that happen; I hope. Or never…

Quoting from Kung fu Panda. Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, which is why it is called the present.

Now therefore, be it resolved that the motion may pass here that, we, the present generation has the wherewithal to bring forth the necessary means to be-all and end-all in this renewed process and give ourselves a chance to be able to live and die in peace.



 If you choose to leave a comment, only that helps or demonstrate an intent leading to a solution to this issue will be published. 

Any rebuttals as to why the land reset discussed in this article may not work out will be published so long as it is not appearing very divisive. 

Any history of a similar proposal ,where the land exchange was indeed proposed will be published.

Any factual details about the many peace talks and road maps undertaken so far shall be published.

 Thanks for reading.


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