Political Discourse

Invariably every time the world is presented with a new president or leader my instinct goes to look through their portrait and see if there are any facets that made them to be born a president. Or the other way around is it possible to spot a president looking at their portrait?

It might be a complicated proposition, but a sense of that thinking is blended in the famous book by Oscar Wilde – The portrait of Dorian grey which may have influence my orientation to look at their pictures in the first place in that manner.

We can extend that to the leaders of organisations and ideologies like the communist for instance or the Marxists, the fascist and the moderate democrats and by the way speaking about ‘ isms’ and their leaders look at any of them (but for the radical ones), their manifesto and agenda are all perfect. Every leader of theirs has started off with a great intent and ideology nurtured by many other equations, before power political orientation, appeasing and all, led to some of them being transformed to the despondent and the demagogues that we got to see and despise.

Well, it is also all clear that we cannot programme a world to run like the way we like it because it evolves, and it has to be that way and we have no clue about what is lurking out there in the dark. If I may mention here a simple thing that Steve jobs said about the I phone. As for him It was impossible to fully comprehend as to what the devise would look like 5 years before it showed up because no one had any disposition that such a thing as google maps would evolve as it did.

Don’t try and catch me on the specifics here but it is important to know what he meant which is to reiterate that the whole thing with respect to life and development is unpredictable. At the same time everything has consequences and what you speak does matter as well, especially the ripple effect of a rhetoric in the government that can have a consequence on our life.

If that is to be the case when the American politicians and media especially speaks about the Russian collusion and the Chinese …in a James bond movie premise, all the time as though they are perennial enemies as though they are from another planet…Do you see what I see?

Also did I hear right that the UK foreign policy now has illegal immigrants packaged off to Rwanda! Can the Israelites afford to have that kind of resentment against their own government given the precarious position they are in with respect to their need for constant vigil? Has India yet come out of the perils of Freedom?

The political discourse here for now will only address such interactions that one sees in the media……After all even some presidential candidates have admitted relying on news media for foreign policies!.

Don’t worry we are only going as far as creating a storm in a coffee cup…