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Who knows if that photo is authentic and someone’s imagination with a look alike picture is going rounds here….

In the limited reading I have had about Vivekananda Swamy I haven’t seen a reference of an “innings” in Cricket influencing any of his other innings’s.

On the other hand if he did play ,I would have had no objection with it, whether he would have made it into my playing 11 being a different matter altogether.

From his bowling action I can make out that he is a left arm orthodox spinner in the mould of a Dilip Doshi and would have occasionally thrown an arm ball. But the ability to spin a ball is not just enough unless you are able to think. And that is precisely my issue with Vivek -that he might be a sort that overthinks.

While rooted in the second slip for a good part of the five day ‘test’ match ,the likely fielding position for a spinner, he would have had too much time to philosophise to a point of meditation that he would have been too philanthropic to rue a missed catch. What if he started thinking that in giving “life” to a batsman in that manner and not able to get any such revival in his turn to bat that he started thinking of a mere meaningless existence in the crease, frowning, as his mental “crease” just appeared in more prominence than ever before.

And if a call for a single from his batting partner coincided with a higher divine call from within and if he had decided at the precise moment to be altruistic, he would simply run his partner out in what would appear like some undesirable real life experiences in modern day cricket.

Interviewed after the match in which he appeared to have no such knowledge of such a run out mishap or a dropped catch in which his hands appeared to have been in respectful togetherness as though in prayers, perhaps he closed his palms too early before the ball slipped through, he only retorted that “what goes up must come down”.

He also had this contentment of settling for what is given rather than asking to a point that his appeal for an Lbw was almost like a prayer.  And as his inner self was always in introspection that his appeal was “ howeeeezeelife” rather than the customary howeeezaaat …which would in turn have lead the umpires to a sort of indigestion eliciting such phrases from the commentators box as “umpire has no motion”.

While contemplating life he would also have, playing for England, which after much for-thought would have downed on him that after all he will just be playing for the mere “Ashes” at which point he would have decided just to walk. 

“Walk” before the umpires verdict ,out of the crease, pavilion, the field “ hung up the boots”and strayed on to the wilderness to the breadth and length of India ,down south wondering if had gone mental until he was consoled by the interaction with real mental people, in his own words the Keralites , upon which he regained his conscience and found peace and stranded on a rock in an island with no more scope of walking, he sat there on the rock and decided that many matters are “over”.

Legend is that without hitting a single century he will be remembered for centuries….

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