Contrarian Introspections.

“The darkest corners in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis…”
These lines attributed to Dante Alighieri an Italian philosopher of the medieval era, which I cannot independently verify, appear as preface in the captivating Dan Browns creation The Da Vinci code.
And if you were to try and undo that reservation and take a side if you will, you might very well end up on the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps even more adverse – the hell on earth, as at least in my case, as the position I might take with my instinct and impulses might very well be interpreted as that of a contrarian, which I would then promptly try and blame on the times that we live in and the intricacies therein, with as much passion and perhaps much less impact than any a contrarian that was out there in our times-the late Cristopher Hitchens – whose shoes I wouldn’t and I shouldn’t fill however hard I may try.

Nevertheless in the times of fake news, some original thinking wouldn’t hurt and perhaps you need a fresh target too..

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Around the world in Newspapers

There is a new dimension that I am attempting to bring here as I have been writing a news round up off late. News which I consider as newsworthy from world over collected primarily from the media have been highlighted on a regular basis. In times of fake news and populist news, some conventions doesn't hurt I reckon.

USA Votes.

United States elections are watched by all. Apart from the significance that it has for the rest of the world it is also one of the most celebrated political events in the world. That It is captivating is an understatement. It is colorful perhaps just only next to the Indian elections which by the way is happening around the corner. Holi-days are here again!

Let me try and add some spices, updates, timeframes, archives and history here on this literary showcase!

India Votes. 

Indian election sure brings more chaos to the already chaotic scene. Mudslinging used to be sporadic but it is now more widespread even in the US election scenes off late...

Here again my intent is to decorate a show-wall of information, basically a lot of melodrama, festivities and verbose cherrypicked from various media sources online. A bit of surfing extravaganza....

On a Lighter Vein